Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

2 MM Vinyl Plank, Material, Installation       $1.90 a sq.ft

$50 Per Bag of Float Used (Level Foor)

$.50 a sq.ft (Laminate Removal/Disposal)

$2 a sq.ft (Tile Removal/Disposal)

$2 a sq.ft (Gluedown Wood/Disposal)

Moving Service                                                   $.30 a sq.ft

We are glad to provide a moving service for all your basic furniture. Service does not include moving shoes, clothing, any items on the floor and bedsheet accommodation.

Nunez Carpet is not responsible for any damages made to and by furniture.

Vinyl Plank Sale                                                  $.80 a sq.ft

Feel free to just purchase our vinyl planks

FREE Carpet Removal

Quarter Round Installation                  $1 a Linear Foot

Quarter Round or Shoe molding can be provided with installation for a $1 a linear foot. Quarter round or shoe molding comes primed and must be painted and caulked by the homeowner after installation.

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