12mm Laminate Flooring in Dallas/Metroplex

12 mm Laminate Installation Complete Service

12mm Thick Laminate, Sure Step 3mm Underlayment, Install Provided

Laminate, Underlayment, Install (Colors Below)                                                                       $2.90

Choose your premium laminate that comes with premium

underlayment and installation at no additional cost.

Additonal costs do come with moving furniture or removal of other flooring.

Laminate Brands: Hickory Creek Laminate (Dura Lock Feature)

Quarter Round                                                                                                                     $.90 Linear Foot

Includes Quarter Round and Install

Float Bags                                                                                                               $50 (Bag and Installation)


FREE Carpet Removal

Other Flooring Demo Extra

Just Laminate

Feel free to just purchase Laminate

12 MM Laminate                                                                                                                        $1.5 a sq.ft

You may drop by our warehouse and order or cash and carry your

laminate for only $1.5 a sq.ft. No additional tax included.