12mm Laminate Flooring in Dallas/Metroplex

12 mm Laminate Installation Complete Service

12.3 Thick Laminate, Sure Step 3mm Underlayment, Install Provided

Laminate, Underlayment, Install (Colors Below)                                                                       $3.50

Choose your premium laminate that comes with premium

underlayment and installation at no additional cost.

Free Carpet Removal.

Additonal costs do come with moving furniture or removal of other flooring.

Laminate Brands: Hickory Creek Laminate (Dura Lock Feature)

Quarter Round                                                                                                                     $1 Linear Foot

Includes Quarter Round and Install

Just Laminate

Feel free to just purchase Laminate

12 MM Laminate                                                                                                                        $1.5 a sq.ft

You may drop by our warehouse and order or cash and carry your

laminate for only $1.5 a sq.ft. No additional tax included.