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Once you have found the carpet that you see yourself living with for a long time, it’s time to start thinking about the carpet installation. There are many variables that go into the installation process that may affect your budget, lifestyle, and safety. With that in mind, you must know exactly what to look for in a carpet installer so that you can be confident with how your carpet is set up. Before trying to install the carpet yourself, it’s a good idea to talk to several area installers to get an idea of average rates and get a feel for what’s generally included in the fees (especially if you have never done this before).

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If you do interview other companies, here are some great questions you should ask.

  • Is your company licensed, bonded and insured?
    The installation process is highly technical and there are risks of damages to your property. That is why when choosing an installer, you want to be sure that you and your property are covered in case of mishaps. In such cases, having a licensed and insured installer is safety and ensuring measure that damages incurred will be covered by the service provider, not you.


  • What’s included in the carpet installation cost?
    Installation prices vary from company to company depending on the included services they offer. You may also need some services done prior to installing the new carpet such as removing an old carpet or removing furniture. You can discuss this with your installer and see what they generally include in their fees and how much extra they will charge you for anything that isn’t included in their pricing.


  • Do you charge for measuring?
    Some installers offer a measuring service aside from the installation services; that is you can consult them to find out how much square footage of carpet you need to cover your designated areas. This is especially useful for buyers who are purchasing from a retailer that doesn’t offer measuring services. Some installers will re-fund the measuring charge if you do choose them to do your installation, so it’s good to ask about this ahead of time. Here are helpful questions to ask your carpet installation professional before starting the project.


  • How long will the installation take?
    Depending on the scope of your project, time-frames may significantly affect how you operate within your space. Once your installer has come to your house for the first consultation, they will have a better understanding to estimate how much time it will take and advise you on which rooms to begin the installation in cases of multiple room installations.

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  • Will there be sufficient doorway clearance?
    Your new carpet may look good in the space but may make movement difficult. It is smart to talk to your installer about this before you purchase the carpet, if possible, to avoid extra trimming charges with the retailer.


  • How do I best maintain this type of carpet?
    It is highly likely that your carpet installer also provides carpet cleaning services and they have a wealth of knowledge on carpet care. How you should care for your carpet depends on a variety of factors such as carpet type, threading, and durability. Your installer can give you pointers on how to clean it and freshen it and you should consider arranging an annual steam cleaning scheduled if you are happy with the installation job.


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