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Flooring is one of the primary aspects that contribute to the interior looks of both residential and commercial buildings. A good builder will tell you that quality flooring should not only be cost-effective, and easy to maintain but should be durable. It is after considering such facts that you may ask “Is Vinyl plank flooring durable?”. Here is a detailed explanation that will answer that.

The Material That Makes Vinyl Planks

You will agree that the strength, beauty, durability or any other quality of a material is determined by the components that make up that material. The surface of Vinyl flooring planks is primarily made of polyvinyl chloride. Polyvinyl chloride is reputed as a material that posses the capability to last long. In addition, the core layer of vinyl planks is made of a rigid fibreboard which further strengthens this flooring material.

The materials that make Vinyl planks are the primary reason for their long lasting capabilities and hence make them best for flooring.



Experts will tell you that one of the factors that compromise the durability of any flooring is moisture. Exposure to moisture does not only weaken floors but it contributes to fading. This makes the floor ugly and to the worst results to increased wear and tear. To avoid this, a material with waterproof capabilities is the best option for quality flooring. Since the top layer of vinyl planks is made of hard plastic, floors made from this material posse the same waterproof capabilities.

The waterproof capabilities of floors made of vinyl planks shield them from damage caused by moisture. It is important to note that for better quality flooring, you should have vinyl planks installed by a qualified technician who is specialized at flooring.


Easy to Maintain

Vinyl planks are easy to maintain since they are budget friendly and they can be replaced independently. Look at it this way. When you intend to remove other floors, you are forced to remove the entire floor. The story is different for Vinyl planks because damaged Vinyl planks can be removed without affecting the rest of the floor.

In addition, the cost of each plank is relatively low. When you combine the aspect of cost and the fact that you can remove one plank without having to tear the entire floor, you realize that a floor made of vinyl becomes easy to maintain and hence durable.


Flooring is an important aspect of the interior of any building. It is a requirement that a floor should be beautiful, and appealing to those who use it. On the other hand, the same floor should be budget friendly to you. A floor’s durability is the assurance that you will not have to incur any other costs in the near future.

If you have been wondering which flooring option would be best for your residential or commercial buildings, now you know which option to go for and why.

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