Laminate Flooring Lifespan

The floor is the most used part of your home or business, receiving high amounts of foot traffic daily. While selecting a flooring material, it is imperative that you select a flooring material that will give you the best service. Numerous flooring materials exist, which include wood, cork flooring, laminate flooring, linoleum, stone, tile flooring, and vinyl flooring.

Today we will focus on the laminate flooring.

What is Laminate Flooring?

If you want to capture the elegance of wood or stone at a lower cost, I suggest waterproof laminate flooring. A laminate is created from compression of numerous layers of material, which are laminated with a protective layer that is clear. Its elegance stems from the fact that within the layers is a decorative design: mimicking wood, metals or stone.

Laminate floors give you numerous options when it comes to texture: smooth finish, matte finish, natural wood, hand scraped, oiled wood, soft scrap, high gloss/piano finish, oxide surface and stone finish. Remember, the floor makes the basis of everything else you buy in your house. With this wide selection, you can get the best.

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How Thick Are These Laminates?

The thicknesses vary – 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and the 14 mm. The size of thickness determines, the cost of laminate flooring and also its durability. The thicker versions are more expensive, durable and easy to install. They are resistant to warping and impact, and they give you performance almost similar to what a hardwood floor would give you.

Laminate floors do come with some advantages including lower price, the process of installation is straightforward, moisture resistance, and they will maintain their original appearance for a long time. The feature of being water resistant makes these types of tiles fit to be installed in bathrooms, kitchen, and places that are prone to water spillage. To top it up, they are very durable and long-lasting.

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Laminate Flooring Lifespan

How long can I expect my laminate floor to last? Well, this would depend on different factors.   Manufacturers give the life expectancy of each laminate floor typically more than ten years. However, Laminate floors can stay looking great for up to 3 decades if they are properly maintained. Cleaning a laminate floor with a harsh cleaner will most definitely reduce its lifespan. Similarly, if fluids spill on the floor and you let it stand for an unreasonably long time without wiping, will cause deterioration.

When the installation of your laminate floor is done properly, the lifespan will also increase. Note that, the laminates use a glueless system, so they have to be perfectly fitted. Also, the amount of traffic your floor receives determines its lifespan. In busy rooms, the lifespan might be a bit shorter as compared to rooms with less traffic.

The indication that your laminate floor is old is when the laminating paper starts to peel off.   If you start noticing peeling of the flooring it is time to replace.

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