Home Carpet 60 Ounce Ultra Soft Carpet

East Hampton Soft Polyester Carpet-$2.50 sq.ft

60 ounce Ultra Soft Polyester Solution Dyed Dream Weaver Carpet

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East Hampton is a 60-ounce ultra-soft polyester carpet. This means the carpet fiber is extra soft and durable for families with children and pets. This carpet is also perfect for families looking for comfort.

Keep in mind that this carpet must be ordered but arrives within 5-7 business days.

8lb Pad Included for Free

We provide an upgrade 8lb pad for free with the purchase of this carpet package. This memory foam mixed with rebond pad provides comfort, moisture protection and durability for your carpet.

Moving Service             $.30 a sq.ft

Basic Moving Service.

Nunez Carpet is not responsible for any damages done by and to the furniture.