35/45 Ounce Polyster Carpet (Same Colors)

35/45 Ounce Polyester by Dream Weaver Carpets

35/45 ounce solution dyed polyester carpet

35-40 Ounce Carpet, 7/16 Pad and Install     $1.92 a sq.ft

3 colors in stock (See Below for Details)

Pad 8lb Upgrade Sale                                      $50 a Roll

Each roll covers 270 sq.ft. Upgrade pad provides a better cushion, feel and protects your subfloor from moisture and water damage.

45 Ounce Carpet, 7/16 6lb Pad and Install   $2.16 a sq.ft

Same colors but upgraded to a 45 ounce carpet

Moving Service                                                $.30 a sq.ft

Basic furniture moving service does not include picking up clothing or toys off the floor.

Nunez Carpet is not responsible for any damages that may occur by moving furniture.

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